Multi 15 Storage Heater Singapore

707 Multi 15 Storage Heater
707 Multi 15 Storage Heater

The 707 Multi storage heater is manufactured with superior materials, which guarantees maximum performance.  The pure copper tanks are built to last and no other product can match the quality infused in the storage water heater.  The 707 hot water storage tanks are ideal for storing water at the ideal bathing temperature.  Not only does it provide a greater quantity of hot water, its higher temperature water storage capabilities can effectively lower the risks of contamination or slime build-up.

The 15 litres copper tank is designed to store water at temperatures up to 75°C to provide a greater quality of bathing water.  The storage heater has the ability to deliver 4 times its capacity in that it transmits to 40°C bath or shower water (primarily based on 28°C of incoming water temperature).

At 15 litres, the 707 water storage tank gives homeowners up to 60 litres of comfortable, energy-efficient heat.  Because its temperatures reach above 60°C, you and your family can enjoy clean showers for years to come.  Higher water temperatures help to ensure that there are reduced risks of surplus water contamination.

Because the corrosion-resistant copper eliminates any form of water leaks or air loss, the multi 15 storage heater is the most dependable tank for hot water upkeep and daily shower ritual.  And, because there is no requirement for any type of protective anode, it offers superior copper elements to control sediment build-up.  The 707 high- performance multi storage heating unit is durable, reliable, and cost-effective.

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