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707 instant water heater series offers robust, safe water heater models that guarantee simplicity and comfort.  Each of our water heater units is engineered for safety and reliability, making them the most recommended shower heaters in the industry.  Even as we provide the best-selling, most affordable shower heaters, we also offer quality water heater installation and replacement service.

If your family is in need of an energy saving, instant water heater, our plumbing technicians can help.  Many families have realised that the 707 family series is the solution to their water heating problems.  Whether you need a complete installation or to replace your current heating unit, we deliver exceptional service.  The Singapore series offers an amazing variety of system and sizes, to include high efficiency, electric and multi- storage heating models.  By installing or replacing your current heating system, our courteous technicians will require specific information to ensure that you get the best option for everyone in your household.

Because there are only a few devices in your home that consumes as much energy as your water heating unit, having to install or replace one is not something to take lightly.  In fact, when there is a need for a reliable shower heater, a 707 water heater will be essential in saving tons of money on your utility bills, along with other problems down the road.  Because there has been a progressive spike in energy costs, installing a new heater is certainly worth considering.  You can contact a technician to get your new Singapore water heater via our website, waterheatersingapore.com.sg.

Energy water heaters have the potential to be incredibly resourceful in that they are recommended according to several acute factors.  Energy- efficient 707 models installation and replacement are dependent upon the size of your home, the number of people in your household, and the number of appliances (dishwashers, washing machines) is in your home.  That said, installing or replacing an old water heater with 707 water heater’s Compact, Alpine, Protek, Princeton, or even a multi 15 storage heater will lead to a much more efficient, less costly and quality hot water system.  Our water heater replacement and installation service deliver a robust, skillfully engineered and fuss-free shower heating unit right to your door.


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