707 Princeton Water Heater Singapore

707 Princeton Water Heater

Princeton Water Heater

The 707 Princeton electric water heater is one of the most innovative energy-efficient water heating elements in the industry.  This robust product line is designed with model features to reduce rust build-up, while also dramatically decreasing the operating cost for homeowners.  With its reliable safety standards, the lustrous electric water heater delivers a unique singular showering experience that lasts twice as long.

This unique heating product is made with high-quality materials only to ensure efficiency and superior service life.  The Princeton shower heating model is part of the 707 family series, yet completed with its own distinct features and properties.  The 707 Princeton instant water heaters are designed with an oracle-slim rain shower head and a chrome shower hose, giving it a sleek look and incredible suitability.  Additionally, this instantaneous electric shower heater unit delivers maximum performance and built to lasts.  Princeton units are brilliantly designed with a blend of modern and contemporary technology to ensure complete capability and functionality.

We have made it possible for you to instantly enjoy the comfort and frill of this laboratory-tested shower heater.  The Princeton is guaranteed to deliver up to 10 years of an irresistible shower experience.  Beyond its robust technology, the Princeton is energy-efficient, in addition to eco-friendly.  The sophisticated 707 Princeton Water heater model is cost-effective, durable, and most importantly safe.

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Princeton Specification

Princeton Water Heater specification

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