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Champs Water Heater

If you are in the market for a more reliable, robust water heater, Champs has a full selection of high-quality heating products to help you make the best choice.  With the purchase of a Champs water heater, you are able to save on energy costs, as well as water fluctuation.  Designed by professional engineers, the Champs brand combines safety and sophistication with state-of-the-art performance to ensure that you enjoy a fuss-free shower or bathing experience every time.  As a multi- disciplinary company, Champs shower heating products are skillfully engineered, developed, designed, and distributed by their own. 

Each of the matchless Champs water heaters offers a variety of properties and functions that are guaranteed to meet the unique needs of your family.  For instance, the Laser Electric Shower Heater is stylishly designed with built-in durability to keep temperatures stable whereas the DR40B Storage Heater is intended to ensure high heating efficiency and long-lasting performance.  The Champs brand is committed to designing water heaters that add value to your home, while also helping you save on water and utility bills.  The award winning water heaters in Singapore are made with the highest safety standards, to include ongoing rigorous quality checks.

Champs electrically-operated shower heaters have proven to provide users with unparalleled performance as they are easy to use, safe, and economically functional.  Also, the Champs shower heating models have been developed to give their users absolute control.  Because Champs products are engineered and manufactured with high technology- robust material, customers benefit from substantial functions such as power- efficiency, water pressure control, constant and safe water temperatures, in addition to splash-proof features.  The distribution of the market leading Champs Water Heater is essential in that they are packed with style and adeptness at affordable prices.

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